Vet Care

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Maintaining a regular vaccination & de-worming schedule for your pet is very important as some diseases are canine/human transferable. We always supply our buyers with their puppy's health records (vaccinations & de-wormings that have already been administered, what was given, & the date) as well as a schedule to follow. It is very important that you take the health records to the vet for review at time of well baby checkup so your vet knows the vaccinations given here. If your vet recommends a different schedule than the one we provide, always follow your vet's recommendation. Here is the schedule we follow:

De-worming with Fenbendazol at ages 6, 9, & 12 weeks. Injectible DAPPv+Cv (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvo, & Corona Virus) vaccination at age 6, 9, & 12 weeks with injectible Bordetella at 6 weeks plus a Bordetella booster at either 9 or 12 weeks. Rabies vaccinations are due at age 3-6 months (per your state law) along with another deworming, depending on exposure risk, followed by spay/neuter by age 6 months. You can be a few days early or late with shots & de-wormings, as your schedule allows, but remember, if you are late for one set, you need to be a few days late with the next set to avoid having shots & de-wormings too close together as vaccinations should not be given less than 2 weeks apart. Some pet specialty stores like Southern Agriculture have vaccination clinics on a regular schedule for around $12. 

Annual vaccinations and a 3 year Rabies are recommended beginning at a year of age & deworming every 1-3 months depending on exposure risk.

I will be happy to answer any questions from MY buyers or their veterinarian's regarding OUR vaccination schedule here. Call or text Laura Perry at 918-706-1931 or email *****DO NOT buy from a breeder that does not provide you with a vaccination record with labels included from the vile used or schedule to follow &, if you didn't purcahse your puppy here at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds, DO NOT call me asking what the vaccination schedule should be. I am not responsible for puppies produced by other breeders that do not provide this CRITICAL information for their buyers.***** 

We feed & HIGHLY recommend Nutrisource dog food. Learn more about this MADE IN USA WITH ALL USA INGREDIENTS food at You can plug in your zipcode and find the locations nearest you to purchase or you can order direct from the factory at

Our puppies are supplemented daily with Nutrical from birth until around 3 weeks of age & canned Nutrisource & goats milk 3 times daily from age 3 wks to about 5-1/2 weeks of age in addition to mama's milk & dry food. Supplementing puppies several times daily helps them get nutrition from other sources, besides mama, & really aids in not dragging the females down postpartum. The mommies tend to look better, feel better, & recover quicker postpartum when babies are supplemented. Remember .... happy mommies raise happy babies.

For flea, tick, & mite control we use Bravecto. We also do regular grooming with Bobbi Panter Charlie Dog Flea & Tick Shampoo found on Amazon. This is an ALL NATURAL product made with clove oil, tea tree oil, lavendar oil, cedarwood essence, & citronella. All of these ingredients naturally repel flea's & ticks WHEN USED ON A REGULAR BASIS. This shampoo leaves my dogs feeling clean and fresh and keeps their coats soft & shiny.

I like the plastic snap together dog houses. They can easily be taken apart & bleached every week or two. In winter, I empty the straw as it gets wet from rain & snow & can mold & mildew, bleach the empty dog house, rinse well with the garden hose, & put fresh straw down as needed, usually monthly. Wooden dog houses harbor bacteria & rot & fall apart. I like the plastic sheep & goat 6 quart feeders attached to the inside of the dog house. They last a long time plus they can be bleached every week for cleanliness. 

Fencing is a big priorty for me as I do not confine my animals to small spaces. The most cost effective way to get more fenced square footage for your money is the 2"x4" no climb wire set on fence posts with a prefabbed 2"x4" wire gate. These items can be found at your local farm & ranch store. No climb wire is much stouter than chainlink & more cost effective.