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Available Puppies: Click on the links above for Abbey's Puppies, Adelaide's Puppies, Daphne's Puppies, & Timber's Puppies. If we don't have what you are looking for send me an email to inquire about additional Australian Shepherd puppies expected to arrive at Fifteen Acre Farms in 2016. Email fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com or call or text Laura Perry at 918-706-1931 (cell) or 918-371-6099 home/fax. 

You may like us on Facebook at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds or request to be added to the Group Fifteen Acre Farms on Facebook to read the precious comments & see pictures our buyers have posted for a reference. 

It is your responsibility to educate yourself on breed standard BEFORE you purchase. For info on breed standard visit http://www.akc.org/ and choose the breed that interests you most. Then choose a REPUTABLE breeder willing to provide you with pictures and video of the puppies and their parents and/or allow you to visit their property if you live local. The breeder should also provide you with copies of important health clearances for the parents during his/her initial presentation. You the buyer should also see a copy of the WRITTEN contract you will be asked to sign at time of sale BEFORE YOU PAY DEPOSIT OR MAKE YOUR PURCHASE. If a breeder refuses to provide these things THE FIRST TIME YOU ASK, it is best to continue your search elsewhere.  

All Fifteen Acre Farms puppies go home with a terrific START on potty training, sleeping through the night, & they know & respect fences & boundaries. They also have a great INTRODUCTION to obedience training as explained on the "Obedience Training" page. Our puppies are exposed to many different toys beginning at age 4 weeks so by the time they go home most of our puppies can fetch & carry a dumbbell, roll & squeak a ball, & play tug of war. Stimulation, sunshine, fresh air, freedom to exercise at will, healthy diet, lots of love, & adequate space to potty train IN THE GRASS are very important for psychological development & growth for puppies of every breed.