Do's N Don'ts

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DON’T tell your children you are buying a puppy TODAY & then just take any puppy that’s available from any breeder at any location.

DO tell your children you are considering adding a puppy to the family & are beginning your research on the breed you have chosen & searching for a reputable breeder. Be sure to explain finding the right puppy for YOUR family may take some time & will be something for the children to look forward to & help in the planning.

DON’T visit a breeding program & turn your children loose to freely open gates or put their fingers or hands through a fence.

DO explain to your children that they are visiting a place where dogs can be very protective of their babies & they should not approach any fence too closely or attempt to pet any dog or puppy without permission AND SUPERVISION. Encourage your children to stay close to you & listen as breeders cannot give a good presentation when children are constantly interrupting.

DON’T deprive your new puppy of his/her much needed daytime naps thinking he/she will sleep better at night.

DO provide your new puppy with quiet time each day for resting.

DON’T lock your puppy in a crate for 8 or 10 hours each day while you are at work.

DO provide your new puppy with a safe secure fenced outdoor area to enjoy exercise, sunshine, & fresh air while you are away.

DON’T deprive your new puppy of food & water because he/she will need to use the bathroom.

DO encourage 3-4 meals daily with plenty of fresh water available at all times & be attentive to puppy’s bathroom signals building on the potty training the breeder you have chosen to purchase from has already established.

DON’T buy from a breeder that confines his/her puppies on concrete or allows them to use their home as a bathroom. These terrible habits are extremely difficult, or impossible, to reverse.

DO buy a from a breeder that encourages potty training outside & then build on the potty training skills already established.

DON’T give your child(ren) permission to choose a puppy & then say “no not that one”.

DO talk to the breeder ahead of time to narrow down the choices if you want a particular color, gender, or age. The breeder can then show the family only a few puppies to choose from helping the child to be comfortable with his/her choice & ensuring that mom & dad get the puppy they want as well.

DON’T visit a breeding program & ask if we are “getting rid of all these puppies”.

DO be aware of the fact that we do not “get rid of” our puppies or other animals. We raise them & place them with families who love them.

DON’T buy a breeding pair then panic when the puppies don’t all sell by age 6 weeks of age.

DO make a commitment to care for the litter of puppies YOU produce until ALL of the puppies have been placed with their new families. If you are unwillng or unable to make this commitment then DON'T BREED!

DON’T call or email & ask me to “buy” the puppies that YOU produced for $500 each & suggest that I resell them for my prices to make a profit. This practice is called brokering puppies & is illegal in the state of Oklahoma! YOUR puppies are not MY responsibility & I will not bail you out of your breeding responsibilities.

DO plan ahead with finances, marketing, & advertising if you intend to raise a litter of puppies & be aware that your first few litters WILL cost more than what you sell them for. This JOB is not ponies and rainbows and we do not sit and play with cute little puppies all day and make thousands of dollars. This JOB is VERY expensive and time consuming.

DON’T expect to “give them a shot & mama does the rest” when producing a litter of puppies.

DO be aware of the financial & time commitments required to raise, place, & follow up on an entire litter of puppies. Be aware of the many hours you will need to devote to EACH of your puppy buyers during and after the sale and over the lifetime of each puppy you produce.

DON’T expect the breeder you purchase from to “buy back” your puppy if you change your mind after the purchase.

DO be aware that responsible breeders will be available to take back any puppy they produce if he/she doesn’t work out with your family or if you simply change your mind regarding the purchase but we do not “buy” them back or give refunds because of the cost to market & re-home the puppy or adult dog.