Available Australian Shepherd Puppies

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ALL Fifteen Acre Farms puppies are produced ONLY from AKC/ASCA registered, DNA profiled, health tested parents.

Our next litters are due the first week of October. We also have 6 more females that could cycle anytime now so we will have plenty of puppies for everyone to choose due November/December 2020. My husband and I work 7 days a week here running a VERY busy diesel repair shop & trucking company as well so I return phone calls, text messages, & emails as my VERY busy schedule allows. 

The quickest way to reserve a place in line to select a puppy ON SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT ONLY from our next litters is to simply click the 'Reserve A Fifteen Acre Farms Puppy' button below and pay the $200 NONREFUNDABLE deposit. You can specify color and/or gender preference, if you have one, on that form in the additional information category. If you prefer to have a conversation with me first you can call & leave a message or text me at 918-706-1931 or email fifteenacrefarms@yahoo.com or like our page on Facebook at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds and send me a message. I will respond as soon as I can. NOTE: Puppies are never placed on eye color as blue eyes can change at any age. If you do not make your selection when it is your turn you will forfeit your place in line and be added to the end of the list. We simply cannot tie up entire litters of puppies waiting weeks for one person to make their selection based on eye color that may change anyway. Prices for our next litters will be: $800 black tri, $1800 red tri, $2000 blue merle, & $2500 red merle. Air travel is an additional $500 if needed. If you think you want to breed go through the ENTIRE *For Breeders* section of my website and send me your answers. Applications received with any part of that section incomplete will be discarded.

As you can see we have quite a lengthy deposit holder list and most are for blue merle and for red. It will take a few litters to fill all of these orders but you are welcome to pay deposit to be added to the list if that is your color preference and you don't mind waiting. Also note that some of the deposit holders have experienced life changing events due to Covid and cannot make their selection at this time so a few on the list will be skipped over for the next several litters. We will have black tri's available in each litter because, simply put, they are the least requested. I'd like to point out .... they are the same dog just different wrapping paper but are often overlooked. Visit our Sires and Dames page to see what the black tri's will look like as adults and what a fine representation of the breed they are.   

Deposit holders in order of receipt to choose for the next litters are:

1.  Brian in Dallas, TX - Black Tri Female

2. Glynis in Winter Haven, FL - Blue Merle or Red Merle Male

3. Vicki in Loganville, GA - Blue Merle Female

4. Megan in Cypress, TX - Blue Merle Female

5. Johnathan in Plano, TX - Female puppy in 2021

6. Valerie in Montreal, QC - Black Tri Female

7. Brookee in Tulsa, OK - Blue Merle Female

8. Tracy in Westville, OK - Blue Merle Male

9. Osama in Colonia, NJ - Blue Merle Female

10. Gina in Tulsa, OK - Blue Merle 1st choice male, 2nd choice female

11. James in Canadian, TX - Blue Merle Male

12. Ken in North Richland Hills, TX - Blue Merle Male

13. Cindy in Falcon, MO - Merle Female

14. Barbara in Austin, TX - Adult dog or puppy

15. Daniela in San Antonio, TX - Red Tri Male

16. John in Tulsa, OK - Blue Merle Male

17. Nancy in Blanchard, OK - Red Merle Female

18. Gina in Port Orchard, WA - Red Tri Female

19. Allison in Otter Rock, OR - Red Tri Female

20. Tiffany in Tulsa, OK - Red Merle Male

21. Heather in Aledo, TX - Blue Merle first choice, Red Merle second choice.

22. Felix in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico - Red Merle Female

23. Norona in Owasso, OK - Female any color

24. Renee in Mustang, OK - Red Merle Male first choice, Blue Merle Male second choice.

25. Ken & Lora in Tulsa, OK - 2 puppies; 1 male, 1 female any color

26. Ronnie in Houston, TX - First choice Red Merle Male, Second choice Blue Merle Male

27. Rob & Patrice in Colton, OR - Black Tri

28. Jaime in San Jose, CA - Red Tri Female

29. Philip in Norman, OK - Female; Blue Merle, Red Merle, or Black Tri

30. Erica in Philadelphia, PA - Female; Blue Merle or Black Tri

31. Diane in Owasso, OK - Female; Blue Merle or Red Merle

32. Reagan in Wylie, TX - Black Tri; M or F

ALL Fifteen Acre Farms puppies are produced ONLY from AKC/ASCA registered, DNA profiled, health tested parents. Pedigree's and lab reports for important genetic health testing for ALL of our Australian Shepherds are posted on the *Sires & Dames* page for your review. Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Fifteen Acre Farms Australian Shepherds watch some of our obedience training video's and take a tour of our facilities, then read our reviews on Facebook & Google. The *Shipping* page will address any concerns you may have regarding air travel for live animals.